Henry Charles

Small Cosmetic Pouchette - Sultry Pop


Sultry Pop Collection: textured dot fabric trimmed with exotic vegan leather. Coated, water resistant lining.

This on-the-go mini is the perfect companion for your handbag.  And for some, this is all you need for your minimal beauty stash.  When jet-setting or just resting on your bathroom counter, this little number conveniently houses your products for a full-face application.  Mini sized bottles can stand upright, nestled together inside or opt for full-size and lay them down horizontally.  Pack your favorite shades and brushes while discretely storing face wipes, cotton swabs and even deodorant.  Not only for makeup and toiletries, but this squishy pouch is a frequent flyer’s best friend- holding ear buds, eye masks and lip balm.  If it fits, store it!

Dimensions: 4.25 x 7 x 3.125”