Henry Charles

Large Deluxe Cosmetic Bag - Sultry Pop


Sultry Pop Collection: diamond textured fabric trimmed with pebbled vegan leather. Coated, water resistant lining.

Allow this Patent-Pending, innovative clutch to organize your beauty stash.  For your on-the-go beauty essentials or your everyday routine, this Fumble-Free™ makeup-toiletry pouch does it all.  The outer flaps open to reveal all your products at a glance, for easy access with one hand. Inner flaps reveal mascara or foundation brush loops on one side, while the other allows for eyeliners and small brush storage.  The adjacent mesh dividers allow perfect compartmentalization for deluxe size palettes, professional size brushes, face wipes, or whatever your heart desires.  Additionally, the main inside zippered pouch protects and organizes your makeup or toiletries from damage.  Maximum internal compartments allow bottles to sit upright and avoid spilling.  Finally, the entire bag closes with a strong magnet and allows your hand to slip underneath for toting around brunch or the gym.  This is the ultimate cosmetic bag for those with a serious makeup obsession.

Dimensions: 7.25 x 11.25 x 4.5”

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