Invisi Foaming Tan Water

Vita Liberata


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Invisi Foaming Tan Water
Invisi Foaming Tan Water

Invisi Foaming Tan Water is bursting full of organic botanicals that are supercharged by our Advoganic TM technology for the most hydrating & anti-age skin treatment as you glow. It is as clear as water so there is zero risk of transfer and it is super-fast drying so you can apply and go.

Invisi Foaming Tan Water is a completely clear tanning mousse for zero risk of transfer, it gives a natural-looking tan result that develops over 4-8 hours that lasts for up to 7 days. This organic self tanner is suitable for use on the face and body.

Formulated With:

Certified organic and natural extracts for anti ageing, skin enhancement and a natural tan
DHA tanning agent
Odour Remove™ Technology for zero self-tan smell
Flash Dry™ for instantly dry results
No guide colour for zero risk of transfer

Formulated Without:

Harsh chemicals
Perfume / Fragrance
Animal derivatives

Invisi Foaming Tan Water
Invisi Foaming Tan Water

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