Who We Are

Who We Are

Why Bloom

Choosing Bloom Beauty means committing to a healthier way to look your best. Our product selection encompasses the three C’s — Clean, Conscious, and Curated — meaning that we use only safe, non-toxic and effective clean beauty products that will never be harmful to animals, the environment or you. Makeup artist owned and operated, our mission is to provide a large selection of the very best products on the market that will highlight your beauty from the outside in, so that you can, in turn, feel great from the inside out.

We understand that every person has a different idea of what beauty means with some not knowing how to break old habits and some overwhelmed with where to start and our expert staff is here to guide and educate you as you define what beauty means to you. We continue to carefully curate what we believe to be the best, cleanest, and most effective products for every skin condition and issue, so that you are not overwhelmed and can feel confident in your choices.

We’re home to bestsellers and cult favourites, and offer exclusive products from around the world. At Bloom Beauty, we put the work into selecting only the best clean beauty products so you don’t have to — just tell us what your beauty goals are, and we will guide you with a solution right for you.


Pamela Cass


“Makeup is my Art”

Pam began her journey in the world of beauty over 3 decades ago and very early on she discovered her love for using her creative talents to make people—including herself—feel good about themselves. She attended the Fine Arts program at York University majoring in Visual Arts where she concentrated on the disciplines of painting, drawing, photography and design. Working in the cosmetic industry since age 17 and receiving her diploma in Creative Makeup Artistry concurrently, Pam used the art of makeup to fuel her artistic passions and begin her career in paramedical/camouflage makeup, special occasion makeup and teaching. “I didn't really choose a career in makeup. It chose me…”

Since then, Pam has worked on the faces of well over 10,000 women and men of all ages and walks of life. She instills in them her philosophy that people can feel better when they look good and use products that are good FOR you, holding strong to the belief that we are all unique and should be treated as such.

“Love of beauty is taste.
The creation of beauty is art.”

“Love of beauty is taste.
The creation of beauty is art.”

During her multi-decade career, and with her own lifelong battle with endless skin sensitivities, Pam organically became part of the clean beauty movement, recognizing that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and can affect your overall health in very significant ways. After many years of helping family, friends and clients by suggesting products and techniques to solve their beauty concerns, Pam decided it was time to create a space that could finally provide products and services she could really stand behind and started working with brands that are not only dedicated to beauty, but also to the overall wellness of those using beauty products.

Pam volunteers as a Cosmetic Professional for the Look Good Feel Better program, an international organization helping women undergoing cancer treatments feel a little more like themselves through beauty workshops teaching them how to deal with the dramatic changes in their skin and hair. She has worked in countless Toronto venues with many of the top event planners and photographers in the city.

Pam’s creative spirit is fuelled by her passion for nature, photography, design and her 3 amazing kids. With her enthusiasm for beauty, creative eye and unmatched attention to detail, she keeps up to date on the latest trends, techniques and best quality products by attending pro workshops, master classes, and seminars with world-renowned artists.

Think differently about beauty.

My Best,
Pamela Cass
Founder & CEO

Our Team

Erica Saglioccolo


With her strong business mindset, Erica helps plan, direct, and oversee Bloom Beauty’s general operations.Prior to joining Bloom, Erica worked in the corporate world as a national account manager in strategic partnerships for a large organization.

Erica has always loved beauty and the clean beauty space, and is also certified to practice Reiki and teach meditation. Erica played soccer professionally and believes in living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Natalia Grittchina

Head Medical Aesthetician & Skin Specialist

Natalia has 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry, and is an expert in sugaring, eyelash lifts and tints, microblading, laser, chemical peels and more. Natalia is one of only few aestheticians in Toronto who is qualified to perform Sculptural Face Lifting, a holistic, non-invasive technique that rejuvenates the youthful appearance of the skin. Before coming to Bloom Beauty, Natalia has worked at exclusive spas, including the Stillwater Spa at Toronto’s Park Hyatt for over a decade.

Natalia made the change to clean beauty as she saw the effectiveness and life-changing benefits clean products can have on the quality of the skin, and hopes to instil her beliefs in all her clients, family and friends, and most importantly, her 12-year-old daughter.